Gender Benders

Creating safer communities for our people

Resource Connection

The first prong of what we do is connecting people to the resources they need to lead full and healthy lives.
Resource Connection

Advocacy and Education

The second prong of what we do is engage in advocacy and education work thus propelling our collective agenda to obtain Gender Justice in the South, forward.
Activism and Advocacy

Safe Space in the South

The third prong of what we do is hold intentional space for our people, in order for us to connect with other Trans and Gender-Diverse folx.

Gender Benders currently provides a range of advocacy, education and support services for TGNC individuals. This includes a annual multi-day retreat for TGNC adults (Camp GB), trans health resource development and provision.
In addition we hold training and leadership development programs, HIV prevention, intervention programs and supportive online spaces.

Through these efforts, we currently reach over 600 members in SC, NC, AL, GA, LA, MS, and TN.

Directory of Trans-Affirming Health & Legal Service Providers

The Trans In The South Guide is a directory of nearly 400 Southern health service providers that our partners at the Campaign for Southern Equality team have confirmed to be trans-friendly and trans-competent.

Annual Camp Provides Solace for Transgender, Nonbinary Southerners

It’s been nearly 10 years now since Ivy Hill began formulating a vision: “Imagine being a transgender or nonbinary person that…

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